Infraction Expungement

Cost: $350.00 Infraction Expungement These days anyone with a computer and some money can perform a criminal background check. It is essential that you have a clean record when nearly 80% of employers will check to see if you have any misdemeanors, infractions or felonys. Even if you were never charged or the charges were […]
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Felony Expungement

Cost: $350.00 Felony Expungement Persons with misdemeanors, infractions, and felonies can have their record of conviction expunged in California. California law effectively allows expungement petitions to remove a conviction and changes it to a dismissal. This means that you can answer on employment and rental applications that you have not been convicted of a crime. […]
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Misdemeanor Expungement

Cost: $350.00 Misdemeanor Expungement Misdemeanors are low level offenses that can still carry jail time if you are a multiple offender or the offense was particularly egregious. Even though a misdemeanor conviction is not as serious as a felony and does not carry the same stigma, it can still present you with significant issues with […]
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DUI Expungement

Cost: $350.00 Expunging DUIs Expungement is the process of reopening your conviction and changing a plea of guilty or nolo contendre, or guilty verdict, to not guilty and dismissing your charges. It does not destroy your records, but it will make them no longer accessible to the public. This means that your school, landlord, or […]
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